Predominantly, an alternative spelling for predominately, is defined as mostly or mainly. Eukaryote-specific rRNA is located predominantly on the surface of the ribosome. They are predominantly diurnal (daytime) and feed on a variety of heathland plants. The facial contours of the modern Jew are predominantly those of the ancient Hittite, who was certainly not a Semite. quarrynby is predominantly built of the hard red sandstone quarried on Lazonby Fell. All Rights Reserved. The wine was aged in predominantly French oak hogsheads for around 24 months before bottling. Translations of the phrase ARE PREDOMINANTLY from english to french and examples of the use of "ARE PREDOMINANTLY" in a sentence with their translations: The soils here are predominantly … Stoma formation in colorectal cancer There are three stoma formation in colorectal cancer There are three stoma types predominantly used in patient management. He said he was a member of the Congress of Racial Equality, a, 27. ; In 1895, Commissioner Louis F . As Worthing is a predominantly urban boro, open space within the Built Up Area is of particular importance. Typically with products such as these, the first several pages of Google results are predominantly these company-generated testimonials and reviews. Topic sentences are usually provided at the beginning of each new paragraph in your essay. The dolls have a much more ethnic look than the predominantly blue-eyed blonde Barbies. Although men's pantyhose are predominantly worn by transvestites, shemales and fetishists, they are also used for compression wear and even those looking to increase lower body stamina and performance ability. 250+2 sentence examples: 1. auxiliary … 3. In an acquisitive society the form that selfishness, 10. Provincial spirit remained keen, but the white inhabitants of the eastern district, who are largely (if not mainly) of British descent, look to the Transvaal and Free State for trade, while with the people of the western part of the province (who, Cape Town apart, are predominantly of Dutch origin) they have practically no commercial intercourse. Work, and in St Benedict's time it was predominantly field work, took an even more recognized and integral place in the life than was the case under St Pachomius or St Basil, occupying notably more time than the church services. Lead In 1 Stunning Sentence, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Gave a Brilliant Lesson In Truly Modern Leadership (Without Even Knowing It) Every entrepreneur should heed this thought-process. Examples of copley in a sentence: 1. At Ajmer, an old meteorological station at the eastern foot of the range, the wind is predominantly south-west, and there and at Mount Abu the south-west monsoon rains are a regularly recurrent phenomenon, - which can hardly be said of the region of scanty and uncertain rainfall that extends from the western foot of the range and merges in the Bikaner desert. Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of the retina that occurs predominantly in young children. Another word for beginnings. care in a sentence (215+58) 07-24 career in a sentence (201+66) 12-06 Total 1100, 150 Per page 1/8 « first next › last » goto Beginning with a cup positioned on a table, fill in the correct word and then place the sentences in the correct order to describe the action of taking a drink and then repositioning the cup back on the table. As mentioned previously, births prior to 1900 in the United States, and prior to 1857 in the United Kingdom were predominantly recorded in family bibles, parish records and church registries. Stoma formation in colorectal cancer There are three stoma types predominantly used in patient management. In order to evaluate different management practices, nitrogen fertilizer and yields. 3. It also presented a comprehensive system for the punishment and treatment of offenders. Re-entering the ' home ' culture 60% of returned expatriates report that they had predominantly negative feelings about returning to their own country. Lazonby is predominantly built of the hard red sandstone quarried on Lazonby Fell. Despite his best efforts, the hero failed. agglomerated industries in the UK are predominantly low-tech. It involves an analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context, as well as an analysis of the social, cultural, historical, and political factors that influence language.. Linguists traditionally analyse human language by observing the relationship between sound and meaning. antonyms. Movie studios helped to promote Art Deco furniture, as it was used predominantly in the feature films of the day. Jenkins complained about alleged voter fraud in, 23. A: I’ll give you my philosophy on commas—and other punctuation—that may not sit well with grammarians. Location is predominantly lowland; the cropmarks clustered along river valleys. environs are predominantly bare and desolate salt-basins. Predominantly: for the most part. How to use predominantly in a sentence. Humic type of coal that is predominantly composed of mixed plant debris. Complete the following sentence. At higher temperatures (300 °C) pile up around the indent is observed with deformation occurring predominantly by dislocation motion. Modern Smyrna is in all but government a predominantly Christian town (hence the Turks know it as giaour Is y nir). The committee's pollsters targeted predominantly Chinese-speaking newcomers. In the book’s sequel, the hero will embark upon the second part of his journey to destroy the evil ring. Their membership, being ex servicemen, was predominantly over 50 years of age. Though Matthias's policy was so predominantly occidental that he soon abandoned his youthful idea of driving the Turks out of Europe, he at least succeeded in making them respect Hungarian territory. This is not the case if we put the adverb at the beginning or end of the sentence for emphasis. 99 examples: The traditional approach to stroke uses a predominantly physical rehabilitation… The sacrifice of wild animals is predominantly used to evoke an aura of non-normal ritual behavior. In fact, the travel bags predominantly feature a material that is both durable and non-encumbering. Knives are used predominantly in violence against the person and robbery offenses. The speech was enthusiastically received by the National Union of Conservative Associations, who had year by year flirted with protectionist resolutions, and who were known to be predominantly in sympathy with Mr Chamberlain. OK, predominantly middle-aged liberals with a smattering of the younger generation. (be + aimed, be + directed, be + targeted, be + pointed) High risk of erosion silt loam Predominantly silt with very little sand or clay. meaning & examples. This collection features busy, textured patterns predominantly in shades of blue and beige. These are costumes that are based predominantly on Victorian dress, although they can also be medieval or Renaissance. Then they have to be followed by the word order for questions: The government of East Timor is predominantly made up of veterans of the country's national liberation struggle. The … Shakespeare, for example, often used a trochee at the start of his predominantly iambic lines. Haredale looked at Copley as if waiting for a lesson. 1 The country's climate is predominantly tropical, with a warm temperate zone extending along the coast. I am predominantly interested in intercellular adhesion mediated by receptor-ligand bonds. ‘The room is predominantly beige with a narrow white border close to the ceiling.’ ‘He informs me that the ground below Dublin consists predominantly of boulder clay.’ ‘The shirt will be predominantly claret and amber stripes on the front with an amber hoop around the top and a black collar.’ 2. The Police didn't buy it and both were arrested, thereby renewing Howie's credibility. However, a quotation can also be its own sentence or be directly integrated into a sentence. Like feminist psychologists in general, lesbian psychologists are predominantly white and middle class. : The new solar powered FM transmitter will broadcast 24 hours a day with programmes predominantly in Pashto and Persian. Like_ Hamburg, it does predominantly a transit trade; it is especially important as the importer of raw products from America. 12), writing about this time, describes Kittim (a name derived from Citium, q.v.) Link: Larry Trask's guide to punctuation click here. Fortunately, Siduri has a record that predominantly leads its imbibers to the former state rather than the latter. Here's the word you're looking for. Synonyms: altogether, basically, by and large… Find the right word. Two pairs of membranous, hair-covered wings, with predominantly longitudinal neuration. If the sentence has one verb in it (e.g. As expected from spectroscopy measurements PrPc is predominantly alpha helical and contains almost no beta sheet. Q: When do you use a comma after the word "otherwise"? There was a time when every period, question mark, or exclamation point was followed by two spaces. to begin anew. Lawrence has plans to embark on a new career as a journalist. I propose a processing explanation for MCPs. ... Beginning. The other half is predominantly arable; foxes kill three of the major pests to arable farmers - rabbits, voles and mice. predominantly / examples. He also deepened his knowledge of what at the time were known as "race records" - predominantly rhythm and blues music with gospel and jazz tinges made by African American musicians. a. fragment b. run-on c. complete sentence 3.then went to high school in massachusetts. These celebrities come from many walks of life, but predominantly, they are made up of people in the movie and music industries. High quality example sentences with “predominantly one” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English The books, still predominantly manuscripts, were still chained to the medieval lecterns. adverb [usu ADV group, oft ADVERB after verb] You use predominantly to indicate which feature or quality is most noticeable in a situation. Like many other predominantly religious characters, he had no appreciation of poetic beauty; and if we may believe one anecdote related of him, at a time when every one made verses, he affected ignorance of the most elementary rules of prosody. definitions. Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV) encodes a cyclin homologous to cellular D-type cyclins, which predominantly activates cdk6. Predominantly known for coffee, coffee filters and coffee makers in the United States, Melitta has a global presence with a range of other products like vacuum bags, air cleaners, humidifiers, foils and wraps and cleaning products. They do not voluntarily crawl across sand or mud and most species are. On the whole, the Proterozoic rocks are predominantly sedimentary and subordinately igneous. The leading export sectors in South America, including the flower industry, use a predominantly female labor force. Thus the former duchy of Westphalia and the bishoprics of Munster and Paderborn which remained in ecclesiastical hands are almost entirely Roman Catholic, while the secularized bishopric of Minden and the former counties of Ravensberg and Mark, which fell or had fallen to Brandenburg, and the Siegen district, which belonged to Nassau, are predominantly Protestant. "Always" can't go at the beginning or end of the sentence. 2. Assume that the elbow joint is moving through a range of motion and all other joints, including the glenohumeral joint, are immobile. Though the designer label is predominantly known for its outstanding luggage, Kipling bags have recently emerged onto the fashion scene as a reputable name in trendy accessories. Once more the world was treated as a convenience wrapping for Labour's parochial and, 26. For in-text citations that are part of the sentence use brackets … a. fragment b. run-on c. complete sentence 3.then went to high school in massachusetts. Predominantly kana writings of Old Ryūkyū. Quentin has produced some interesting but not convincing evidence to show that the MS. was used in Lyons in the 12th century, and Rendel Harris at one time thought that there were traces of Gallicism in the Latin, but the latter's more recent researches go to show that the corrections and annotations varying in date between the 7th and 12th centuries point to a district which was at first predominantly Greek and afterwards became Latin. The reserve's woodland is predominantly oak - many of which are magnificent old pollards - with some areas dominated by beech. If the sentence has more than one verb in it (e.g. examples. The Ruthenians demanded at first, in view of the predominantly Ruthenian character of East Galicia, a national partition of the Polish university existing there. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. In Eastern medication, it's been more understood that acne is a result of an internal imbalance, predominantly to do with hormones or the digestive system. Although the symptoms are predominantly proximal, peripheral involvement may also occur (3 ). • avoids using a linking word such as 'and' or 'but' at the beginning of a sentence ... English is widely consid ered and predominantly used for writing academic or scientific research . The statistics show that recorded crime is, 13. (interested) " She is primarily responsible for the household finances. The landscape has remained predominantly rural in appearance....a predominantly female profession. Unlike maize, rice is predominantly autogamous and, hence, gene flow is restricted. Where do they come in the sentence? 20. Participants were studying in a variety of modes including exclusively distance based, and predominantly dual mode, or face to face mode. In order to keep costs for drying and grinding low, dry sawdust and wood shavings are used predominantly. She is predominantly a dancer, but she also sings. 3. The second sentence is still grammatical, but it isn’t logical. These days, depending on what you’re reading, you can find either one or two spaces between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another. No doubt, however, the temper in Athens was at that time predominantly warlike, and the surrender of the hoplites was a unique triumph. They are predominantly available in standard sizes, although you can get hooded beach towels printed with favorite characters as well. After the day and, in a sentence, the year: On November 27, 1975, my big brother was born. Juvenile arthritis-A chronic inflammatory disease characterized predominantly by arthritis with onset before the sixteenth birthday. Learn more. The use of single vs. double-spacing after periods has become a great generational debate, with everyone from Gen X on up falling predominantly onto Team Double Space, while Millennialsand … The Mississippi embayment is in parts predominantly sandy, in others clayey; it is mainly under timber. They predominantly carry bikinis, most of which feature a tropical design, but it is worth looking regularly to see the newer collections.